Friday, April 11, 2008

Dog sitting saga

My parents are currently laying on a beach in Cancun Mexico, while I am in MN- it's 35 degrees windy and raining/ snowing. If that's not bad enough we are taking care of their dog while they are gone.

This morning has given me solid ground to never get a dog! Let me walk you through the past 4 hours. First, the day started at 5:15 with her whining to go outside. Then we all got up at 7:15 she was by the door again, and since I didn't want to be scrubbing any accidents out of the carpet, I let her out again- BUT while I was grabbing her chain, she squeezed her overweight self (seriously overweight) by me and took off running. I figured she wouldn't be able to run too fast, so I tried chasing her.

After 30 minutes of chasing her in my wet pjs and screaming her name to come home, I gave up. I figured I better tend to the 3 little ones in the house cheering me on at the window, I will say I had the cutest cheer team giving me all their love. The kids really wanted to try and get her, but since it's so wet and cold I said we could all get in the van and try to get her that way. After another 30 minutes of bribing, begging and pleading I got too frustrated and decided I needed a donut! That's right- fully admit that I am an emotional eater, and at this point my emotions were taking over.

Jacob, with his tender heart, decided we should pray for Sammie (dog's name) so through my huffing and puffing bad attitude we all prayed that she would be safe and not get hit by a car or that no one would shoot her (Jake's prayer request). When we got home from feeding into my emotions she was standing in front of the garage as if looking for a way to get in. I got out the van to dry her off, load her up, and deliver her back to my parents house so her and I could gather ourselves before we hung out again later. As I got within 2 steps of her she bolted again! I was pi*$%^ed. I started sprinting after her, looking I am sure like a big dork. She got away again, so I got everyone out of the van and decided she would come home when she was ready.

What a great start to the day! This is only day 2 of 7 that we have with little Sammie. I can see her gallivanting in the back yard as I type this and it's driving me crazy. Hopefully, we all live through this. As I try to find the blessing- I say thank you Jesus that this is good practice to never want a dog no matter how much the kids beg!

** Just as I was going to publish this, I heard a whimper at the back door, and she is back. Covered in mud and smelling like a wet dog- it's a good thing Brenton is at work

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  1. Okay, from a dog trainer - if she gets out again, here are a couple tips...

    1. To get a dog to move away from you, move toward it (chase it) to get a dog to move toward you move away from the dog. If she gets out, in a happy voice (no matter how irritating she's being) call her name, shake food or squeak a toy if you need to, to get her attention. Now, start moving away from her, encouraging her to "chase" you. Once she's close, come to a stop - chances are she will keep running at you. Praise her for coming and grab hold of the collar.

    2. Dogs are really curious. In a really excited voice, start examing something on the ground saying "Sammie, what's this?" If you're excited about (the blade of grass, the rock, whatever) chances are she will want to come and see.

    3. No matter how annoyed you are at the dog, if you said "come" when the dog finally does come be HAPPY. Dogs only remember about the last 5 seconds of their actions so if you say come, chase her for 20 minutes and then she finally comes and you yell at her for running away, the next time it happens all she's going to think is "that lady said come and when I come she gets mad."


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