Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Everythings bisgusting

I've been so lucky to have Jake my sweet little boy for 4.5 years, but I inevitably knew he would turn into a gross boy, I just didn't know when. I think we have started the stage. It seems that Jacob now thinks that everything is "bisgusting" (he can't say disgusting so it comes out bisgusting).

It seems that everything I cook is bisgusting, things I ask him to do are bisgusting, places we go are bisgusting, and now girls are bisgusting! And to add to "change" he's makes louder and smellier bodily noises.

Here are some examples:

Lunch and Dinner yesterday- "Jacob, eat your food, you asked for this, you like this, please eat"
"Mom, I don't want to eat this- it's bisgusting"

Laying in bed- "Mommy, did Nana give you that ring on your finger when you were a little girl?" "No, daddy gave me that when he asked me to marry him." "That's weird" "It's not weird, someday you will give a girls a ring because you love her and want her to marry you." "Yuk mom, I am not doing that, that's bisgusting!"

I gave Jacob a kiss the other day, and he wiped it off and said, "Yuk, bisgusting" I was crushed. I am glad to say that hasn't happened again and when someone recently asked him what he likes to do best with his mom he replied, "Cuddle"

He laughs when he burps, farts, and whenever any other noise or smell comes off his body. I guess this is all part of being a boy and growing up, but I think it's bisgusting!


  1. Is that what I have to look forward too, lol! I am not looking forward to the day Gavin thinks kisses from Mom are bisgusting!

  2. Keely and I got a good laugh out of this :)


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