Friday, April 25, 2008

Passed along

Thank you to those of you that left comments on my previous post and for the emails that I received. Every prayer that was prayed for me I passed it along to my dearest friends. For the heavy heart came for my friends that discovered Wednesday they had lost their baby at 20 weeks. This morning, I was able to sit with my friend just moments after she delivered a baby she would never get to know and watch grow up. We took pictures, and stared in amazement at how incredible and awesome babies are and we both knew, even as we started at a lifeless baby how good God is. My friend is the strongest woman I know, seriously, she so smart, beautiful, gifted at so many things, and she beats most men at any competition. She's been a solid wall for me to lean against in some of the dark valleys I have walked, and today as my spirit was broken for her she was still that wall for me, and she was the one suffering. I went to be with her today as merely a comforter and I was comforted. How does that work?
So, just know as you were all praying for me, I was praying unceasingly for them and so I can say with confidence your prayers have been passed along and I know appreciated.
As I prayed the entire drive up to see them, I was begging for some scripture or wise comforting words to offer. The first thing I heard was; This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. As this came to mind, I started to argue with God, saying, no way, I am not saying that- And in fact God, I will not rejoice in this and I will not be glad.
So, I continued driving asking and praying for the words to say and yet, two more times that is what I heard. Finally, I submitted and as we sat and talked, I told her this is all I had to offer her as encouragement. I told her about my argument with God, but I felt as if this is what we were to think. I choked it out through my tears and her eyes filled with tears. I pray I didn't make the pain worse, but I believe God wanted us to remember, He IS in control and knows the pain they feel.

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