Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A butt whooping on me

I haven't posted anything on this because I was nervous to say anything, thinking I would ruin my chances if I said anything. I had an interview today for one of 4 teaching openings for next school year. It was a "First Impressions" interview that was 20 minutes long. I had 10 questions to answer and WOW I feel like I got a good butt whooping! I haven't been teaching in a classroom for 3 years, and in the education world, things change all the time, so I feel like my answers were all based on what was being taught 5 years ago. Some of the questions, I didn't even have answers to or needed an explanation of what the concept was they were referring to- oh boy. Seriously, one of the questions was, what as the title of the last book on literacy I read? HUH? If Dr. Seuss didn't write, I haven't read it, just kidding, but seriously I had no answer for them.
I should hear something in the next week, I will keep you posted.


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