Monday, June 30, 2008

Could I get you some cheese with that whine?

I am pretty sure that this saying started not with wine tasters, but with parents. Most parents would say that in a day, the most common thing they say is, "No". I would say that the most common thing in this house is , "Stop whining". I think the phrase, "Can I get you some cheese with that wine?" was really started by parents because I say stop whining so much that after a while or in the middle of a long stretch of whining in a fit of rage from one of the kids, I have to start laughing (inside myself only) and make up rediculous things just from raging myself and to see how many things I can offer to get a whining reaction- I know I am a sick and sometimes evil creature, bit sometimes we mothers need to bring comic relief into our days to stay from being tied up in a straight jacket, although sometimes a straight jacket in a padded room seems like a day at the spa. Think about it-No noise, just me, myself in a small,clean and sterile room- heavenly! So, today I asked Izzy after a 20 minute whine fest (My kids put on a good act, I should sell ticket's to whine fest, I bet I could make some good money), "Izzy, would you like some cheese with that whine?" She stopped, gave me a strange head tilt look, and said, "what? I can have some cheese? Yes, I want some stick cheese (string cheese)." I had to laugh (on the outside) because that comment was the one thing that brought peace, quiet and contentedness back into the house.
So, the next time your children are throwing a fit, or completely irrational- make a weird off the wall semi-sarcastic comment to stop them in their tracks. You will get a good laugh and your sanity back!

Should I trademark this advice? Hmmm...

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