Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't judge me- this is my life!

One of the things I hear out of the kids mouths is, "I'm bored". And if I don't hear it I can tell they are because the roudiness level goes up 10 notches and bad choices start pouring out everywhere-literally. I mean, who thinks to dump all the toy drawers out, to pile the drawers on top of one another so you can have a launch pad to jump into a pile of couch cushions while yelling, "fire in the hole!"?
One of my favorite things to say is, If you can't find something to do, I will find something for you. It's such a typical mom thing to say, however, it usually works. They are quick to choose an activity to give their attention to for at least the next 4 minutes (on a good day). A week or so back, Jacob decided that he wanted to know what it was that I would find for him to do.
To your complete shock, I'm sure, I had plenty of cleaning to get done that day. Something had exploded in the kitchen and then moved into the toy area leaving me to clean it all up. I am completely mortified even putting these pictures up, but let's get real, this is my life. I left out the real horror...the laundry! One minute the house looks like a million bucks (usually thanks to Brenton), then the next like it was a test run to see how it would hold up in a tornado. Clearly, the tornado always wins.
So, I told Jacob I wanted him to start working on cleaning his toy room while I started on the kitchen and when I was done, I would come help him. I knew he would diddle daddle in there at least as hour before one toy got picked up off that floor, so I had some time to get my area done- Because as you can see the kitchen was going to take some time. I got started in my area, when Jacob came to me with one of his "great ideas"

Jacob: Mommy, I have a good idea
Me: Oh yea, what?
Jacob: How about you clean the kitchen, and then you come clean the toy room and I will play til you are done?
Me: How about you clean the kitchen and I will clean the toy room. (Thinking this was completely an irrational offer that he would quickly and disgustingly turn down, I was wrong)
Jacob: Ok, Mommy! Let's do that- you pick up the toys and I will clean the kitchen
Me: Jacob, the toy room is way easier. You complain longer about it, than it actually takes you to clean it up. The kitchen is a big job and it's a nasty job. There is food stuck on these dishes that you have to scrap off into the sink and wipe off.
Jacob: No, I want to do the kitchen, you do the toy room
Me: Ok, but you need to make sure you get all the food off.
Jacob: I will mommy! Mom, I can do it, I'm a big guy!

Well needless to say, I was wrong and Jacob was right! He is a big guy and he did a GREAT job. He scrapped all the food off of all the plates and pans. He had everything rinsed off and ready to load into the dishwasher. He was quiet, and focused the whole time. I was so proud of him. The only thing we need to work on is not letting a pool of water form on the floor while washing. When he was done there was a more water on him and the floor than all the dishes, but we overlooked that because his effort and follow through were great!
These are the moments and days that I can see the very dim light at the end of the tunnel. Soon, I will have a whole staff of house cleaners and landscapers (the kids) and I will be able to stop and smell the roses.


  1. I love that story! great job Jake!! I can tell your mommy is proud,...maybe you should wear a rain jacket next time :)

  2. "I mean, who thinks to dump all the toy drawers out, to pile the drawers on top of one another so you can have a launch pad to jump into a pile of couch cushions while yelling, "fire in the hole!"?"

    I don't know who would do a thing like this...

    And that is totally a great idea BTW!!!!!


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