Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I think Nemo is a relative

We spent the afternoon at the Northfield outdoor pool. It was a blast! I hesitated at first to go for 2 reasons. 1. I didn't think I could watch all 3 at a pool on my own without using the assistance of a lifeguard at some point, and 2. I didn't think Andrew would like the pool and I would end up holding him on the side the whole time. I was wrong on both accounts. Amazing how motherhood humbles one to always be wrong. The kids had the time of their life, including Andrew. He was fearless. He voluntarily dropped his little head under the water one time. I was right there to scoop him up. He was a little shocked, but not scared off. He was jumping off the side, walking out deeper than he should and having a ball- it was fun playing with him in the pool. Jake and Izzy are like fish. I swear somewhere on their bodies they have gills, because they were running, jumping and swimming around in the pool nonstop. It was a fun and beautiful afternoon. Not to mention all the energy they dispersed into the pool making bedtime a breeze.


  1. I just love Izzy's swimsuit. So cute :)

  2. so fun!! I was unsure how Caleb would like the pool yesterday, but I was wrong too! he loved it! he woke up this am asking for "pool, pool!" funny! So we'll be going again soon!

  3. can't wait for you to get up to the AV pool with me and drewsky...hint!


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