Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mary Kay has nothing on Izzy's new room

PINK- it's really PINK!!! And she loves it! For the past 6 months all the kids have been sleeping in one bedroom. They chose to have it that way, they love all being together. But I decided it was time for the boys to have their own room and Izzy hers. I thought that deciding how to decorate was going to be a really fun project, but not so much when you have an opinionated 3 year old girl who loves pink.

When figuring out how I was going to incorporate pink with my hand-me-down bedroom furniture that has a beach feel (some wicker and bamboo looking fronts) I decided to go with a "Hawaiian" theme. Fitting for the furniture and also because she is part Hawaiian. I tried to steer her clear of a princess room, I figured she would grow out of the princess stage and then I would forced to paint again and I hate painting.

So after a long drawn out process I finally got the room finished and tonight will be the first night that she sleeps alone (hopefully). The big reveal was really fun to do. She ran in the house, up the stairs and said, "Mommy, I'm so excited!" Then she ran over and started jumping on her bed saying, "I like it mommy, I like it!"
Yesterday as we were looking at the not yet finished room, she asked me, "Mommy, can we make a sign that says no boys?" I was shocked that she even thought of it, but realized her friend Kylie has an older sister that probably has that sign.

I have so many more things I hope to add to the room with time. One thing I want is a surf board with her name on it- do you know anyone? Please let me know if you see any cute Hawaiian decor (preferably not pink).

So here it is.... It's PINK!


  1. What a fun room!
    Pottery Barn Kids had a lot of Surfer stuff for girls and boys rooms and they did actually have a surf board with personalization at one time. I’m not sure what they still have but you should definitely check it out! I also want to say that Target even had a few things with the same theme; but it might all be pink :)

  2. The last 2 houses we have bought have had pink bedrooms. As well as Pottery Barn Kids check out PBTeen. They have all kind of surf related bedroom stuff.

  3. That IS pink. But what fun for a little girl!

  4. I love it! But, then again, pink is my favorite color too!

  5. Congrats Izzy, good thing I'm not a boy so I'll be allowed in it next time we're over....fun!

  6. Very girly! I love it, Izzy!

    I've been thinking for awhile now, that at least one room in our house should be pink, being that there are 4 females in this family. I think Julia's due.


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