Friday, June 20, 2008

My pastor's name is Larry the Cucumber

If anyone asked us for a ride these days we would happily give one. However, they would have to suffer through repeated Veggie Tales tunes. I welcome it because for months it's been nothing but The Best of Elmo, but as of late, they prefer Veggie Tales tape #2.

Usually, I tune out the words of the songs or turn off my speakers and only pipe it into the back, but today for some reason I was paying attention to the words. Soon, I was singing a long and sharing in the joy of vegetable entertainment. There was one song that caused me to start thinking about deeper than I had before. I don't know the title of the song, but basically it was about David fighting Goliath. One veggie was trying to convince the other (David) that he is too little to go against Goliath. For which David replies, He's big, I'm little....He's big, God's bigger...
Then David goes out and defeats the giant that no one believes he can defeat. The underdog wins!


I have heard this story 1,000,000 times, maybe more, and I have never given it a second thought, until today. And the only reason I did today was because today, just before I heard the song I was praying in the car about a "Goliath" in my life. I was explaining to God that I didn't really feel qualified for something he asked me to do and that I was feeling overwhelmed, attacked and discouraged about all of it. I was trying to get an out from it all, and then the words of veggie tales became clear. Now, I fully believe that God can communicate any way that He so well pleases, but Veggie Tales? And the worst part about arguing with God during this song was that Jacob was insisting that I play it over and over and over again (at lest 5 times), so my conversation with Him continued and continued and continued until I grasped what the song was really saying to me. It's not really about a boy defeating a giant man. It's more about the where we get our strength from and that we can do all things through Christ. It's about facing the giants (things that seem impossible, painful, or too big to deal with) in our lives knowing that the only way through them is to rely on God's power.

I'm small, It's big...It's big, God's bigger...

How can I deny or disobey God's lead in my life? I've been praying for months for it to be clear and now I am trying to get out of it. ( I know I am leaving out major details, and that's because I fear failure at this point and am still trying to defeat that). When will I fully grab, hold on to and move forward with the belief that "It's big" and always will be, but GOD is BIGGER! Why do I so quickly doubt, run, hide? Why do I think that God wouldn't use me for anything bigger than what I do now? When will I believe that God does all things for my good?

The story of David and Goliath became real to me today. It's no longer just a story that I act out with the kids- it's my life. My prayer right now is that even though I am small and life seems big, that I will remember and claim that God is bigger!

If you would like to read the story of David and Goliath click here. I think it's hilarious that they were trash talking to one another even back then.

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  1. Great post! Its one of my favorite Bible stories too! I had the opportunity to share a story to the children in Sunday school when Shelly and I where in Africa. I chose to share David and Goliath.

    A few things I have learned that amazed me while preparing:

    1. Goliaths spear was about 16 pounds.

    2. All Goliaths armor he wore was over 150 pounds.

    And this was on top of him being 9 feet tall. This is just so intimidating!!! I felt like I needed to share the story with the kids there as many of them are herders of goats and cattle. I found a rock that was about 16 pounds for them to hold to know how heavy Goliaths spear was. I think for me the story shows as it does for you, the "hugeness" of God!

    We will be praying for you Steph. Let us know if we can help with anything.

    Lee Peterson

    Ps. I love how kids can teach such profound lessons to us :)


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