Saturday, June 28, 2008

The temperature isn't the only thing going up these days

Summer is in FULL swing these days. The weather is proof enough with today being 90 degrees and 60% humidity. However, I realized today that the scale in our bathroom reads that my weight is also rising. Let me walk down memory lane for those of you that missed out on the journey. In December 2007 I weighed in at my life max of 207 lbs- I quiver to even think that was possible. After 13 long, hard months I came within 7/10 of my goal weight, weighing in at 147.7 (147 was my goal). As of yesterday the scale read 152! Not good. I worked too hard and too long to see these results, but I have no one to blame but... my neighbor! :) I love our new neighbors, but she is 6 months pregnant and in the stage of eating treats and Godfather's pizza (my first weakness in this world). I think I can say with full certainty that there will be a Godfather's buffet in heaven. Then on top of "sympathy eating" with her we have been having BBQs, neighborhood cookouts and more. I am a sucker for parties and party foods. I am finding it easier to lose weight in the winter because I was alone with the kids all day. There were no get togethers, parties or BBQs. There were not other people's yummy treats to try. It was just me and my will power and I was successful.

Problem #2 is that I have stopped exercising regularly. Back in Monticello we had a health club membership that I used regularly and when we moved I had the basketball practice everyday. Now it's just me, my Nikes and the paved Northfield roads. I fully admit and own up that I am a snob runner. If the conditions are not just right, my motivation quickly and easily dies. This means if it's too hot, too cold, too wet, or if I am too busy than I will do it tomorrow, or the next day or the day after that if I feel like it. This is no good, especially if I am serious about running a 15K with Brenton in September.

Problem #3 I have fallen back into the roll of taking care of everyone else first and me last. For a while I was getting good at saying no to people or places and I was finding great time for myself. Now days it seems I am too tired to do something for me. Brenton works hard all week with long hours and then has yard/house work to do, and the kids hanging on him like a monkeys in trees. So, I feel badly leaving him alone with the kids so I can go do something. Plus, its more fun when we are all together and I don't want to miss anything fun!

These three things are not good combinations for successful weight management or being a healthy mother. Things have got to change inside me. I need to get back to the mindset I had before and stay focused no matter what gathering I get invited to. I need to realize again what my goals are, set some priorities and establish my boundaries again concerning food, exercise and me time because I DO NOT want to fluctuate like the MN weather. I want to acheive and then maintain.

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