Friday, July 04, 2008

The A&W is back in our lives

The Balvin family cannot get away from the A&W restaurant. In college I worked at the Mall of America, and last year Brenton was the GM of a store in Coon Rapids so I would fill in a little when I could, and now I will be a supervisor at a store in Faribault (10 min from us). It's the same family that Brenton worked for. They own several A&W, Dairy Queens and Long John Silvers (Including the ones in the Mall of America) so I feel like we are part of their family now. The owners daughter was also one of my college roommates. They needed some help in their Faribalut store, and I need to make some extra cash, so I signed on. I started last Monday night. I feel kind of guilty coming in as a supervisor when I haven't had experience like some of other workers there. So, I will be serving up some tasty root beer floats this summer!

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  1. We love the A & W. Hopefully we will see you there soon.

    Don't feel guilty about coming in as a supervisor. You definitely have the experience.

    Have a great day! Stephanie


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