Monday, July 21, 2008

Friends with benefits

God has always been good to me and my family, and I fully believe in friends with benefits, not in the perverted high school way, but in the way that friends use their perks to bless others. I don't have enough time or room on this blog to list all the ways we have been blessed through friends, so if I don't talk specifically about those of you who have gone above and beyond for us, don't take it personally, I love you just the same, it's just that I am specifically talking about my longest running friend and perk she let me take advantage of.

My friend, Shannon, friends since I was 11, is a sales rep for a eye glass company out in Michigan. She has offered to help me get new glasses in the past, but as we have both had 3 children in the past 6 years it always got pushed aside. Finally, I found the ones I wanted, but knew I couldn't afford them from the eye Dr. so I called her up and last night they arrived at almost 70% less cost than they would have and the lenses come with all the bells and whistles they can. SWEET!

I really wish I had a career that I could pour out blessings on the ones I love most too. I guess I could watch your kids for you sometime- not sure if that would be a blessing for your children? Thanks Shannon, I needed the glasses update since I had my last pair since high school.

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  1. Friend, can you say TUPPERWARE? You have blessed me and countless others with more than we deserve!


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