Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Growing Up

Sometime within the last 9 months, Brenton and I have aged. You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at us, unless you got really close to my eye lines that Jacob pointed out the other day. But a week or so back we were on a walk. As we made our way around the block, I noticed that as we passed each house, I commented on the different landscaping choices that I liked or didn't and the ones I thought we could use at our current residence. Then I slapped myself, in my mind, and tried to shake it out of me. Since when did I care about landscaping? When did I look at someones potted plants and become envious of how full they are? When did I make the extra effort to move the sprinkler around the yard to make sure it was evenly watered? Ok, I'm not that bad- I still hate moving the sprinkler, but that is the roll Brenton has taken over and takes seriously and does really well. Not only that, but he also has been reading magazines about taking care of grass and the best ways to mow and the benefits of long green grass. HUH??? As he told me everything he learned, I sat quietly being an active listener, but thinking the whole time, "How did this happen to us, when did we get so old and care about things that our parents care about?"

It's not necessarily a bad thing. Our yard does look really good because Brenton has put some time and effort into keeping it that way. Not to leave out my dad's daily trips over and kind reminders about watering the lawn to keep it green. It does make the outside of the house look nicer and the neighborhood too. But still, I don't know how we got here? Why do we care? Why do we stress about it? Why do we plan and talk about different landscaping plans we have? I don't know! I guess that's just what you are expected to do when you live in a house in a neighborhood. I am in no way complaining, but I am just so baffled in this step we have taken into being adults. I hope this doesn't mean that some time I will actually find it fun to cross stitch doilies for church fund raisers. Please Lord, take me before that happens.


  1. Oh man! You need an intervention. I am always bugging my mom about "her other kids" as I like to call them (the flowers, plants, grass, etc)!

  2. Dustin and I hit that place within the last 2 years. He's obsessed with the yard and with his vegetable garden. I make sure my potted plants are watered and fill the bird feeder. And don't forget the knitting. And guess what... cross stitching is fun, just you wait and see...

  3. i think of gardening as a hobby, not a harbinger of old age! it is satisfying to grow plants and flowers and to see the end result and know that you had a hand in it. kind of like raising kids--but quicker gratification!

  4. I'm not sure I like the comment about being "So old!" (haha)Gardening is good exercise, as well as being satisfying and sometimes even a stress reliever. But when you became parents, you started becoming like us.


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