Friday, July 18, 2008

The happiest days of our lives

A few times this summer we have had picnic lunches outside. The kids love it, and I love that my kitchen and table don't get all messed up. This particular day was so nice with no humidity. As I laid on the blanket with the kids as they ate, an overwhelming peace came over me and a huge smile and I thought, "I love my life". The days are emotionally draining, my attention is given to everyone else, I am argued with on every word that escapes my mouth. I am pulled on, pushed on, puked on, sneezed on and kissed on all day long. But at least I get to experience it all while playing outside on beautiful summer days. These are the days the pass the slowest, but the years that go the fastest-I was able to smile, embrace and take a snap shot for my memory of the best days of our lives.
I realize that I spend a majority of my time, grunting, moaning, complaining, baffled and exhausted, but I think that I have come to realize that very soon it all will be gone, and I will be whining about wanting them back. So, I guess this post is to help remind me on those horrible hard and lonely days to remember how great this all is, and that in fact, I don't really want them to go or for the kids to grow up.

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  1. Well said, my dear.

    My MIL said it a couple weeks ago...she doesn't like telling people how old her two children are now. She never wanted her son to be 28 years old. And it just isn't fair how fast it went.

    That specific day I remember cleaning up 3 pottytraining accidents from our 2yearold. How frustrating, right? But since my MIL's conversation, I've found it really easy to enjoy even the most frustrating situations because I know life goes so fast, and they'll be grown before I know it.

    Thanks for sharing.


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