Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Day one done

The day was great! It felt natural to be in the classroom again, and I have 2 great classes. I am excited about the year and the potential the students have. It was a day of establishing routines, ice breakers, and learning the schedule.

I thought I was emotionally ready for the day, but I got a block from the house and realized I was missing Jacob's first day of preschool. The tears flooded my eyes, so I tried to pull myself together in the short 2 minute drive I have. I didn't need my students walking in on the first day to a teacher with mascara running down her face. I couldn't let myself think about it or the tears continued to come back.

Besides that it was a great day! I am exhausted, but excited, so it's all good! Thanks for your many prayers and encouragements the past couple of weeks-I've needed them and appreciated them all!

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