Sunday, September 14, 2008

What is Jesus

Brenton: Come on Jake, get in the van, it's time to go to church.
Jacob: Can I stay and play with _______?
Brenton: No, we all go to church as a family.
Friend of Jacob: Why do you go to church?
Brenton: We go to learn about Jesus.
Friend: What is Jesus?
Jacob: He's our Savior.
Brenton: You are right Jake, maybe your friend could come with us sometime and learn about Him too.

Yea that Jacob knew the answer to the question, but sad that there is someone in our neighborhood, someone who plays with our son everyday who has never heard of who Jesus is. My mind was blown away by this. I assumed, even if someone doesn't go to church or is not "religious", that they have at least heard of who Jesus is. I was sadly wrong, but now I realize the example we need to be to this little boy and the continuous teaching we must give Jacob because he will be asked the questions from his friends when we are not around.

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