Thursday, October 16, 2008

Its all about me!

Today I will having a day that revolves around me. I feel partially guilty about leaving Brenton and kids at home, but I am so excited about being pampered.
I have a hair cut appointment in the morning and then I get to use a gift card that I received last Christmas and enjoy a 1-hour massage at a spa in Edina! WOOO-WHOO!

I am also looking forward to 4 days off with the kids and hubby. Nothing huge planned, but it will be fun to all play together!


  1. I know that I have those guilty feels too, but they are definitely from the enemy of our souls. We need to take time to pamper ourselves so we can be all that God wants us to be and has called us to be. If we don't spend time taking care of ourselves, we don't have as much to give to those around us. Hope you enjoyed your day!!!


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