Monday, October 13, 2008

Organic wannabes

I have never jumped on the organic wagon. Mostly, because I can't afford the lifestyle change it would cost to go organic- I would think that not adding pesticides would save the farmers money, therefore it should be cheaper, but this is not so. Also because I don't really see the pay offs of eating organic vs non organic. I am NOT putting down any of you that do choose to eat organic foods. In fact, I would love some education as to why you have chosen that more stressful style of grocery shopping and menu making.

I was at the grocery store the other day just getting the basics to make it through until the next paycheck came through, and I was observing the items the lady behind me was getting. She had a basket full of organic items, some bottled water and then some items I had to tilt my head at. Among her organic selections she also had a bag of nonorganic cheetos, some processed meat, and diet soda. This might be because I am uneducated in organics, but don't people typically eat organic foods because it's all natural, not processed and without additives? Granted, I don't know who she was buying any of those things for, but it made me wonder- Does it make sense to be a wannabe organic eater- eating some organic, but not all? Does it benefit you at all if you are not all in with the food choices? Or is that the reality of our food economy, that you just mix, match, and add organic in certain areas?

I don't get it. Someone please educate me on the world of organics.


  1. Hmm...maybe she's like me. There are some brands that I really prefer the organic over the other stuff, simply for taste. And especially in stuff like produce. But I still like soda and microwave popcorn, etc. It's not so much the eating healthy, it's the taste of the foods.

  2. I can see where you are coming from Steph. To answer just a few of the questions. BTW was that shopper Shelly by chance? It sounds like what she would be hauling out :-)

    Organics cost more because the fertilizers, hormones, and pesticides that are put on the foods help make the yield of crops/herds bigger meaning they can sell product at a lower cost per unit.

    I think for me on buying a few things organic helps limit the amount of chemicals going into my body. I buy/enjoy my share of non organic foods as well. As you say it would be very expensive to go all out. If my family could afford or be disciplined enough to make health choices I think our health would be better(not to say we are sick).

    But I figure if in a few places that I or my family consumes a lot of one product, like milk if I can cut down on some chemicals. I think we are a little better off because we can avoid rBGH. The less my kidneys have to filter and process the better job they can do keeping me healthy.

    I will stick with the milk theme. So they give cows often 2 different hormones, one they increase the levels of a hormone that they already produce naturally. I kinda say this is like taking a testosterone (steroid) that guys or gals would take to get huge, it might accomplish what they are looking to do but what does it do in the process.

    The second one they give is rBGH which is as I understand a growth hormone they give which increases milk by 10%. The dairy farmers are keen on doing this obviously because they get 10%~ in more profits. But it also causes more cows to become unhealthy, they go lame, get udder infections, get infertile, cysts grow, and have birth defects.

    There is a study (sponsored by organic farmers keep in mind) humans that consume rBGH milk have a higher risk for breast, prostate, colon and other cancers. They went to the FDA to say you might want to reconsider rBGH being on the market. They said no. However, 25 European nations, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have banned rBGH. However, I think not having milk because it is unaffordable or because the farmers can't produce enough milk to go around for everyone that needs it is more unhealthy. As in live balance I guess.

    I guess I say all the mumbo-jumbo long winded statement to say I think if we all live long enough we will die of some thing because we had too much of some thing else. Eating organic for me is something I try to do the maximum I can afford/or that makes sense. Just as a pregnant woman would avoid certain things.

    Anyway. Just what came to mind when I read your post.

    I hope your job is going well and you are enjoying yourself.

  3. whoa, who knew Lee was so smart??!!

  4. WOW Lee- that was a great lesson for me on cows and milk. I was disgusted enough that I might reconsider buying organic milk. I am so easily persuaded- this got me into trouble in high school! :)

    I love the information- keep it coming!

    I can't actually say I ever eaten anything organic unless someone gave it to me from their garden, so I can't comment on the taste factor, but I am curious to know if things do taste better.

  5. I actually realized that as I re-read the post I put in that the milk we drink is not actually organic, but rBGH free. I think its about 1.50 more a gallon. I really haven't had a ton of organic fruits and veggies. But we do get free range chickens which actually run around looking for food vs being just fed by corn feed. I know those taste a ton better imho.

    Glad its your last day of conf. I hope you get a few days off for MEA.


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