Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

Today I wanted to express my thanks for my in-laws. Long before getting married I had heard horror stories of bad in-laws that meddled and tried to control the decisions their son or daughter tried to make as a new family. Don't get me wrong, the wisdom of parents is very valuable and appreciated, I am talking about the constant control and stress that some in-laws bring into a new or old marriage.

However, I thankfully landed a GREAT group of in-laws. Not just mother and father-in-law, but a sister and two brother-in-laws as well. It's fun when everyone gets together and we play games, laugh so hard we cry and sometimes have civil theological discussions/ debates. They also are there at a drop of a hat if anyone is in trouble, or in need of prayer for something. I know that I can call or text any of them for any reason and any hour and they will support and love me for whatever it is.

I am so thankful for their welcoming of me into their family. I don't ever remember a time when it was awkward or I didn't feel like part of the family. I hope to carry those traits with me as I too might be a mother-in-law someday. We won't be seeing the in-laws for Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving to you all- I love you very much!


  1. I'm thankful for my inlaws too. It's nice when everyone is so close too.


    p.s. is your email stephaniebalvin@hotmail.com? I sent an invite to Camp Craft '09 to that address.

  2. Thanks, Stephanie, for such nice words. We are so very thankful for you - we're glad that you are part of our family, and that you put up with/take care of and love of our oldest son :)
    Craig and I will be thinking of y'all down there in Northfield tomorrow. We love you - Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I am thankful for such an amazing sister-in-law too!


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