Monday, December 08, 2008

I win!

I love to play board games! However, since we've had kids, our time for board games with friends has disappeared. But, lately, Brenton and I have been teaching the kids to play some board games that we have. I admit, teaching little kids to play board games is one of the most frustrating things. They don't understand the rules, strategies or being a good sport. And when both parents are highly competitive, we struggle to stay calm and bite our tongue's.
The kids most recent favorite is Sorry. It's a great game to teach children to count a certain number of spaces both forward and backward. They all get excited when someone draws a sorry card. They shout, giggle, and cheer for the sorry card. But, the cheers turn to tears for Isabelle if someone bumps her piece off the board with the sorry card. She has a meltdown and usually leaves the game because she can't handle that she as chosen.
I try to calm her down and tell her it's just a game, but she usually comes back in her own time to play once she has settled down. I secretly giggle becuase it's hilarious how worked up she becomes.
The other issue with games is the bragging that goes on. Jacob, loves to point out (all the time) if he has more cards than someone, is farther than someone, or if he wins. All wins usually end with this cheer, Oh yeah, I win, I had the most ___________. Oh yeah, oh yeah! (And he shakes his little body around, with the occasional leg kick). Humility goes out the window for Jacob when he wins games.
So, I am glad that they are older and that we can have family game night, but it's exhausting soothing the hurt feelings and taming the unsportsmanlike talk. Board games have opened a whole new can of worms as far as behavior and manner lessons.


  1. I LOVE board games, too!!! I can't wait for my kids to get old enough for a family game night.....I tried teaching Lauren Chutes and Ladders and you are right - it is VERY frustrating! But I guess that's what learning is all about : )

  2. Hmm...I can identify with Izzy. I am a sore loser in games. It may mean she's sensitive (which can be good) or she's very competitive (which can be good). One thing I am is a gracious winner...unless I just beat someone who is a boastful winner in which case I give them a taste of their own medicine...maybe i'm not the most mature example :-)

  3. Jacob sounds like Wyatt playing games - he's a total gloater. But he's a big mope if he loses.=)

  4. Ironically, so far Jacob is a gracious loser. I know that will fade, but so far he has been able to celebrate with is competitors. I hope it lasts, but I am sure it will fade.


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