Friday, January 02, 2009

Doggy daycare

We are dog-sitting for my brother's family and we love having the dogs- especially because we don't have to "pay" for them on a regular basis. They come, clean up any missed scraps on the floor, run around with the kids and stay just long enough for us to have a blast and then leave before we can get bored with them and neglect them. I can count on a couple of spats between the kids on who gets to hold Vega or have her sit on their lap, but it's still worth it. I am sure the dogs are ready to go home by the time my brother comes to get them. They've been pulled, poked, lifted, dropped, dressed (Jake tried to put Vega in one of Andrew's old pj's outfit and attempted to put on a diaper before I caught him) snuggled, chased, bagged and pushed in the grocery cart.
While the dogs are here they sleep in their kennels, but I let the kids have the dogs with them while they fell asleep, they LOVED it! It really makes me consider getting a pet, but this is a great arrangement with having them a couple days and then sending them home. It must be like having grandchildren- you love them while they are there and then you send them home when you need a break.

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  1. Thanks for helping out!They were exhausted when they got home. Oh and if really have an itch to get a dog, I will let you take both dogs to the vet because they are due for shots... It should only be around $200! We wouldnt mind at all. That might kick that urge you are having :-) Thanks again.


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