Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Techy kids

I thought I had the perfect resolution for this New Year: to become a super net-savvy mom and teacher. A texting, Twittering, YouTube-ing marvel, hip enough to leap Internet safety issues in a single bound. Yes, this year, I'd master all the gadgets and learn to live on Facebook. I'd talk tech with my students, run cyber circles around my computer-loving son, and keep us all safe online. (More)
A recent study, found that many mothers (I don’t know why fathers were excluded from this study!) fear that “cyber dangers” are as real and harmful as drunk driving or experimenting with drugs...

Do you worry about your kids coming in contact with someone or something harmful while they are online? I am amazed at the knowledge children have of the "cyber" world. My goodness, my 2 year old has his own little computer (not with internet) and knows how to move and use a mouse. My 4 and 5 year old love playing games at Playhouse disney andPBSkids, and they both know how to get the browser up so I can get them to a game. I do worry that they will accidentally click on a link that will lead them somewhere not good for little eyes or something will pop-up with minimal amounts of clothes on. Thankfully they can't read yet, but it won't be long.

I received a newsletter in my school email talking about protecting kids from harm done on the internet. I feel as if I know a good deal about the newest and coolest internet social groups and lingo, and I know my husband knows more than I. So, I hope that we stay on top of all of that in order to protect our children from getting in too deep. They are little now, but as so many parents before us have said,
before you know it, they are teenagers, hormonal, driving and on their own. Because I believe this and because parenting is so important to us, we want to prepare ourselves for what's to come. I hope you like the article as well.

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