Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where are you going?

Brenton started his new position last week. If you don't know, he has been promoted to work overnights at a new store. This is great opportunity for him and his career, but its taking some time to adjust to. With him working overnights, that leaves me to deal with every night interruptions from the kids. And believe me, there is an interruption every night! The one nice thing about one less adult body in the bed is that there is more room for little children's bodies that once had to have to squeeze in somewhere, now have a place to lay without any interruptions of their slumbering mother. Before them entering the bed would usually leave Brenton on the floor or in another room. I know some people have their opinions about "No kids in beds" however, we have always had kids in our bed, more as a way of survival in their early days, and it just stuck. So really, we are used to it, and sometimes miss when there is not a little body there. Now that they are getting to be a little bigger of bodies, it has become a little more tricky, sticky and hot.
There is a point to this blog entry, and I will get there.
So, as I was saying, Brenton is gone working while the rest of us are sleeping, and he used to be the one to deal with weird behaviors of the kids in the middle of the night (a true blessing from him to me, since he knows I love my sleep), but now I have had to step up, or should I say wake up? In the past week, I have found Isabelle sleepwalking twice in the house. The first time she was down stairs standing the living room screaming and crying- that is the only reason I found her. I don't know how long she was there, or why she was there. Then last night (early morning) I felt her crawl out of bed, walk out of the room and stop at the top of the stairs. She started talking saying, "Hello?...hello?" I called out for her, then I walked over to get her. When I asked where she was going, she replied, "I don't know mommy? I thought Miss Angie was here." It was too precious and a little weird at the same time. She seemed very confused herself as to why she was out of bed.
I don't know what tonight will bring, but it is sure to be an adventure. Most pediatric websites say it's normal for children to sleepwalk, but I get nervous that she will end up outside in the freezing weather or get hurt falling down the stairs or over some toy laying on the floor.

Do you have kids that sleepwalk? Did they outgrow it?


  1. um, you lived with the freakiest sleeper i know---emily! i remember her wandering about in the night growing up. she still does it. as far as i know she hasn't hurt herself but she has practically given others a heart attack.

  2. you are right, that reminds me of a time in college where she was trying to crawl on me (when we lived in the closet). HAHAHA- thanks for the reminder!


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