Sunday, February 08, 2009

Current top 10 parenting frustrations in our house

10. Repeating my directions 3 or more times, while elevating my voice levels before any action takes place.
9. Asking for something to eat, then eating 2 bites and wasting the rest.
8. Constant need to be entertained by me or something electronic
7. Pile up of coats, boots, shoes, hats and mittens all in the middle of my entry way.
6. Lack of cleaning up after their messes of toys, clothes, crafts, ANYTHING!
5. Always wanting what the other sibling has even if they haven't touched the thing for weeks
4. Random walk-by hit and runs with the hands or objects.
3. "What? what? what? I can't hear you, what? what?"
2. Always expecting everything to be "fair" between them. If one person has a friend over, they all want a friend over. If one person gets to choose a cartoon, then they all want to choose a cartoon, etc, etc, etc.
1. "I'm hungry, what's for dinner? "______". "Yuk, that's disgusting, I don't like that!"


  1. Are you sure we don't live in the same house?

  2. Oh my goodness. I swear you must be spying on my family.=)

    I do find some comfort in knowing there are other parents dealing with the same stuff.

  3. I'm going to have to say "AMEN" to all 10 and add a #11: Telling me how you are starving and need a snack even though you just ate breakfast 20 minutes ago!

  4. Yes, Stacey! I was going to add that one in too, it happened just after I had typed this. I loathe the dramatic, "I'm Starving" whine that accompanies it.

  5. I don't know what the big deal is. The kids are angels whenever I am home with them!

    :) NOT!

  6. you give me so much to look forward to stephy. Seriously, tone it down or Em and I might never procreate again :)

  7. I would list all the exact same 10 for our home right now!

    Whining after every request Mom gives, "But, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm!"

    Trying to negotiate with every idea Mom offers,
    "But, Mom, LISTEN!..."

    Oy vey!


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