Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mini break

We took a "mini" spring break trip yesterday. We spent the night in a hotel 4o minutes from our house. It was a SUPER fun getaway that hopefully will leave joyful memories in the kids minds. We spent the majority of our time in the swimming area, but before that stopped in at the Cabela's store right next door to get a few up close views of some stuffed wild animals. The kids don't really get it that they are not alive, they just like getting really close to the animals. It's like being at the zoo without the cage between the animals and the kids.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Owatonna. The customer service was awesome, probably the best I've ever experienced! The pool area was really fun and completely age appropriate for all of our kids. The water was so nice and warm, if I got out the pool I was cold, so I spent much of the time soaking in the chlorine. I was only able to capture a few pictures since I was swimming most of the time, so here they are.
The closest I hope they ever come to a Polar Bear

One of the many animal displays

A true MN man!

The main kids swimming area

Izzy staying close to Daddy!

Brenton hiding under the giraffe

WEEEEE! Drew-man loving the slide

All he is missing is some water wings and he could own the title, Mr. Water Safety Man! This was at the end of the night, I think he was too exhausted to use his own power to stay afloat. He was in the water from 3pm-8pm straight! I think I saw a dorsal fin trying to break through on his back this morning.


  1. How fun! Glad you guys got away for a night and it looks like you had a blast!

  2. Oh, super fun! The kids are looking so big :(


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