Saturday, April 25, 2009


I won't give all the details, because I am sure he will want to, but my heart stopped beating when I received a very brief phone call from Brenton that he was sitting in the back of a police car, and would be home a little later than planned. (huh?) Then I received a couple of text messages about needing to make sure there was money in the bank account so he could withdraw "bail" money. (WHAT?) Needless to say I started panicking and calling everyone I knew (2 people) that know law stuff (neighbor) and police stuff (brother-in-law). I had visions in my mind of dragging all 3 kids to the police station to bail their dad out of jail- wow that would be a memory to make. It all turned out ok, a little misunderstanding that will be cleared up, but I NEVER want to go through that again. I can't believe some people deal with these type of situations in their life more than once.


  1. A little misunderstanding about a former insurance ticket Brenton got a while back, but we took care of it.


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