Monday, May 18, 2009

Shoe problem solved

I have found the solution to our shoe problem! I never thought it would happen, but we found this at ikea, and so far it's been fabulous. Each child gets their own bin for their shoes and they have been very responsible in putting them away when they get home. I think the big problem is mine and Brenton's shoes. I am so pleased with the product I had to share it with everyone else.
Ours looks a little different because we got the level 2 bins for their shoes and then a level 1 shelf for the top row for their hats and mittens. It's the little wins that make me happy as a mom! I wish I had the resources to get a bunch of these for toys, books, garage stuff, and everything else.

I am not a organized person by birth, but I love getting organized- weird I know!

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  1. I am going to go on their website RIGHT NOW to look at this! Our closet looks like a tornado went through!!


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