Sunday, June 07, 2009

Deep thoughts

Our nanny, Angie, was able to find a few moments to write down some cute things the kids said while she was with them, here are a few:

Jacob: " I'm going to make a pyramid... do you know that there is food in pyramids? There is...we learned that in school today. And you should eat the food that's good for you inside the pyramid."

Izzy: " Ms. Angie... I'm accidentally sorry. I spilled the syrup and I'm responsible to clean it up."

Jacob: "We are not allowed in Ed's (crabby neighbor) driveway, we need to ask the principal."
Angie then asks, "Who is the principal?"
Jake: "Barrack Obama."
Izzy: "My mom's boss!"

I love having kids quotes written down because they say the funniest things, and I usually forget.

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