Monday, June 08, 2009

Our "little" big boy

Andrew is warming up his abilities to shine as a 3 year old. He has been perfecting his arguing, full-body tantrum, defiance, and negotiating skills. I am doing my best to take deep breaths and make it through this stage of his life. I haven't figured out how to explain to this "little" big boy that he is not as big as he thinks he is.
Take the past couple days as your example, it's been rainy, gloomy, and cold. I have no desire to sit in a lawn chair in the cold, so I have sent the older 2 outside to play in the puddles, but not Andrew. He does not give up with out a big fight. He jumps up and down in protest about being stuck inside with me. He begs and pleads that he is a big boy and can out with Jake and Izzy. I calmly (sometimes) try to explain that he is a big boy, but they are bigger and he needs to be at least 4 until he can play outside alone.
That is not the answer he wants, so he stomps (literally), down the hall and up the stairs, before turning around and telling me (with his arms crossed and bottom lip sticking out) that I am not invited to his birthday party.

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