Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Essential

I broke down and downloaded a Michael Jackson CD. I was obsessed with MJ as a child. I think I did a dance in 5th grade in front of my school to Thriller (terrifying). I've been following all the news of his death. I still can't believe that he really is dead. I admit, I was disgusted with MJ when all the stories were flying about him inappropriately being with children, but there is no denying that his music ROCKS!
In college, I received the HIStory CD from a friend and was pumped. I remember all my roomies thinking I was weird that I still loved to listen to his music, but I can't help it- it makes me want to dance! I have since lost part of that CD, and I had to get my hands on some classic MJ songs, so I downloaded The Essentials CD- it's AWESOME! You get all of Michael Jackson's greatest songs and a few great ones from when he was in the Jackson 5. I am so excited to clean, exercise and improve my "moonwalk" with the kids to my new CD.

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