Monday, July 27, 2009


We were at a friends house yesterday and the kids were all playing so well. Jacob and my friends 7 year old son were playing across the road in a small creek trying to catch fish and other water animals. All of a sudden, Jake ran out of the woods, shouting with the biggest grin I think I've seen declaring he had found a dinosaur bone. I played along in his excitement, like any good mother would, and asked to see it. I was thinking in my head that he found a small bone and was really pumped about it. As he emerged from the woods, I could see he had something much larger. I could see a back bone and a head attached to it. I looked at my friend, and sharply asked, WHAT IS THAT!? She was laughing hard at this point, evidently because her son had also discovered this "dinosaur bone" some time ago. He crossed the street and laid the huge bone down in front of us, still very excited.
He walked away into the garage to get something and my friend said, "It's a deer carcass!"
I was so grossed out- I asked Jacob to bring it back so other people could discover it, then firmly asked him to wash and scrub his hands with soap! This is very similar to what it looked like-

I did have to tell him at bed time that it was actually a deer, but it didn't seem to matter to him, he thought it was really cool anyway. YUK!

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