Friday, July 10, 2009

Treasure find

I've been on the garage sale hunt for one of these for the past 2 years and I finally got one that was never used (Thank you Jesus!). It still has the original tag on it, which reads $185.00, but I got it for $70! (Yes, $70 is a lot to spend at a garage sale, however, I think the savings for something new is a treasure). That is a steal! Now, instead of killing myself trying to carry Andrew and all our gear, I can throw him in this, and manage the other 2 children as well. I am so pumped!
I did find an off brand one earlier in the year and it was killing our backs. This one is top of the line and is suppose to offer back support- we'll see!

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  1. Worth it's weight in gold! I got mine for $3 at a garage sale...but it looks like it fell out of the sky from 1973. Good thing they are quality!


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