Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's NOT beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I figured out what my problem is with not being able to get in the Christmas mood. Usually by now I have had my tree up for a week or longer. The house is filled with Christmas music, I am preparing our annual letter and family card, I am browsing toy catalogs to make Christmas lists, and I am getting anxious about baking cookies and celebrating with family and friends.
But not this year. Yesterday, I heard Christmas music on the radio and I turned it off- I thought it wasn't time. What's happening to me?! Then I realized that throughout my life in MN, cold and snow have been key signs that it was time to get ready for Christmas. Christmas was the one thing to look forward to in these LONG Minnesota winters.
I got to thinking- I am struggling to get in the Holiday mood because it's still 50+ degrees here. There is no sign of snow or cold in the near future. How do I adjust? I always wondered how people in warm climates can have Christmas without snow, it would be so weird to me. This is all I've known, and now everything I've known is different this year and it's throwing me for a loop. Granted there have been years without the snow, but I can not remember a time where it was this warm for the long.
I have friends that are done Christmas shopping- WHAT!?? I haven't even had more than a thought about Christmas shopping and it was mostly about budgeting for it. I need to change my attitude, otherwise Christmas will come and go so quickly that I will be sad I missed it and I will be the strange neighbor with her tree up in March.

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