Friday, November 20, 2009

Love it!

It seems that since August, all I've heard is what the kids want want want for Christmas. I have tried to tell them that Christmas isn't all about presents, but to them so far in their lives, that is what it's been all about.

Each year we set up our fragile nativity scene, and each year the kids want to play with the animals in the scene which leaves me stressed out and on high alert. This year I wanted to get them a "kid-friendly" nativity that they could play-out the true Christmas story. I've been looking online for a while for one that looked friendly enough for little Andrew (3) and cool enough for Jake (6). Many of the choices were way too expensive for my liking ($40-$80). Then I found this Playmobil Nativity at Target- it's GREAT! All the kids are loving it. I love the Christmas story it comes with, all the characters from the story (other sets you need to buy them individually), and the price ($17.99). I am hoping with the story this nativity toy comes with, we can have more meaningful and educational conversations about what Christmas REALLY is and why we celebrate it.


  1. sweet Steph!!!!! what a GREAT price!

    was it on sale?

  2. Thanks to your idea, I was able to find the Little People Nativity set at Wal-Mart! It was more expensive, but my girls LOVE little people, and they LOVE this set as well! :) Thanks for the great idea! My "fancy" nativity was already missing a donkey and the stable was falling apart.


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