Saturday, December 05, 2009

Not so proud parent moment

Isabelle has gymnastics on Saturday mornings. It's complete mayhem in the viewing/ waiting room on Saturdays. Today while waiting, some of the kids friends show up to wait for their class to begin. Jacob was playing with the little girl nicely and I was chatting it up with their friends dad. All of a sudden- I hear a 'slap'! Then, I see the little girl start to cry and run to her dad. Jake was standing, staring at me like a deer in the headlights on the highway. He wasn't sure what had just happened. In his mind they were playing a game. Here is how the game goes....
Give me 5... On the side... Up in space... (I think you know where this going) Slap your face...
Jacob literally wound up and slapped the little girl across the face. I think at first he was proud of himself because when he plays this game with is dad and uncles, they back up before he can get them and it turns into a fun wild rumpus. He had no idea that you didn't really slap people's faces, especially not hard.
I wanted to crawl into a deep dark hole and hide. Everyone in the place heard the slap and all eyes were on us. I immediately made Jacob apologize and by now his face was beet red. It hit him once she was buried in her dad's leg that maybe that wasn't the best idea.
I apologized 100 times and tried to make it right, but left feeling like a terrible parent who teaches (which I did not teach this game) or lets their child play these type of games.

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  1. ugh! i think we've all had a moment like this. i think there is a lesson in being gracious here if you are on the receiving end. i know how wonderful it is when the other parent is cool in the situation and how horrible it can be when you get the evil eye. kids are kids and they are constantly learning how to navigate the world. sometimes they make mistakes. all we can do is teach our children and hope that it works. and remember to be gracious next time some girl knees jacob in the nuts. :)


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