Friday, December 11, 2009

Overpriced Dolls!

Isabelle has spendy taste! I know who she gets it from, but this diva had to have a reality check once the "real world" came into play. She has been asking for an American Girl doll for Christmas for the past 3 months. She also whispered it into Santa's ear last week. As a parent, I love to make those little dreams come true for my children, but this one is not going to happen. I didn't really know how expensive they were. I just finished looking at their website, thinking there must be something that is reasonably priced. NOPE- there is not! Not only is the doll WAY over priced, the accessories cost more than my own accessories. Little Miss American Girl doll clearly doesn't know what the economy is like these days or know what the real world is like.
Izzy might realize Santa is not real this year when no American Girl Doll shows up under the tree. Or she will think she was on the naughty list, either way, it's the perfect opportunity to introduce her to off brands.

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