Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The man

Our children have always been able to come in our room and climb into bed with us. Its getting a little more difficult with everyone getting longer and taking up more space. The last couple weeks when Izzy has come into our room in the middle of the night, she has woken me up crying and scared. When I ask what's the matter, she tells me that there is a man in the corner of my room staring at her. I can usually soothe quickly so we can all go back to sleep. I was hoping this was the key to keep them in their own beds. I thought making him seem scary so they wouldn't want to come sleep with me, but I rethought that decision. (Didn't say I was proud of the idea, but this mama will do anything for a good night sleep).
The other morning I asked her about the man. I asked what he looks like or if he talks to her. She described him by saying he just stands in the corner and stares at her.
With some quick thinking- I told her that I know that man, he is friendly. I told her he was an angel that watches over us while daddy is away at work. She didn't like that answer because, "angels have wings and he doesn't have any wings."
Its amazing because she says she still sees the man every now and again, but is no longer afraid of him at night. I even think she has waved at him.

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