Monday, January 04, 2010

Truth telling

Why is 'the truth' so scary? Why are people afraid to be real or truthful? Obviously I am not talking about everyone, but I have had more people thank me for being so honest in my blogging and on facebook than I can count. I often scratch my head and ask myself, was it weird that I was truthful? I also had a conversation with a great friend the other day about people not RSVPing to her New Year's party. Let me be real truthful for a minute- it's rude for people to not RSVP- people are planning for a group and then we are so unappreciative of the invite that we can't RSVP and tell them no or yes- come on! Even if the reason is that you really don't want to attend, just RSVP- who really cares about the reason, the host just wants to know how much food to plan for. That was my soap box.
It seems weird to me that people wouldn't be truthful. WHY wouldn't you? What are we afraid of? I will admit being too truthful or honest about things has gotten me into trouble in my past (mostly because I didn't speak in love) and there was also a time I wouldn't say anything or be truthful, but I learned through that experience that holding back the truth only hurts me.
I hear the most from other Moms' that thank me for being so honest about how hard it is to be a mom. Why would I ever act like I have it all together? Anyone that has known me a long time, will willing verify, I have NEVER had it together. Once someone came to my house or met me in person they would immediately know I was lying if all they did was read about how great and easy life is.
Maybe being honest comes easier because of my Irish-Italian father. He had/ has no problem telling others how he feels. Is it always easy to hear- no way, but at least I know where he stands on things and I know where we need to go from there. It's the worst to tiptoe around issues waiting for someone to let the elephant out of the box. Please, someone just get it out (whatever it is) and then together put the pieces back together. You will grow and mature as a person if you do- I promise.
Millions of American's spend millions of dollars in therapy for their different relationships. From places I've read and heard, communication is the #1 reason for conflict in any relationship, whether its a miscommunication or lack of communication- we have a real problem on our hands.
Here is my unlicensed, completely unqualified diagnoses for the world- start being real and tell the truth. The truth sometimes hurts, but sometimes it needs to so we can deal with the real issues in life. I don't believe people have so many problems because of communication. I believe people have a problem with being truthful about themselves and about there expectations of others. I fully believe that- "The truth will set you free." John 8:23

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