Sunday, May 02, 2010

Practicing fire safety

Jake has been learning in school about fire safety. He will practice, "Stop, drop and Roll" in the house at random times. I usually have to turn my head, so he doesn't see me laugh, because he is totally serious and his feelings will be hurt if I laugh. He has asked me more than once what our "plan" or meeting place is if we do have a fire in the house. This is great conversation to have, but I feel he is starting to worry more than he should about it.
Today tops the fire safety lessons at our house- he put on his dress-up fire jacket, turned on the hose, and started watering the house, all while he is saying, "Everyone out! The house is on fire!" This is one of the memories I hope to bring up when he is 17. What a sweet boy, he has that first child protective instinct in him and I find it very endearing.


  1. Oh JT - I think I was kind of like that as a kid. Maybe just because I always liked having a plan. haha I miss you guys more than normal tonight. Maybe you could send me a video soon? :)

  2. the cutest child is going a great job. We should have to learn from this. We always have to be protective from fires and damages.


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