Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thoughts from Izzy about her Mom

Yesterday was Izzy's last day of preschool for the week, so she brought home some precious Mother's Day gifts for me. One was a heart shaped pin made out of recycled (not used) toilet paper and glitter, a Pansie flower (hopefully, it hasn't started to grow yet), and a book of her thoughts of me as her mom. Here are just a couple of examples from her book-

Question- What do you like that your mom cooks for you?
Izzy's answer- Chocolate pudding and strawberry pudding
My thoughts- I have never made either of those before, how are they her favorite?

Question- What is one thing you would like to do with your mom?
Izzy's answer- Go to the Mall of America with my mom, because I have never been there before.
My thoughts- Never been there before? Are you crazy- we go there once a month!

Evidently I need to more intentional about creating more "memorable" experiences with her.

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