Saturday, June 12, 2010

Izzy's night

Izzy is a special girl! She seeks out information whenever she can, and when she can't she will make up her own explanation or definition of things. I love to hear how her mind thinks about things.
Izzy loves many things, but 2 things stand out when I think of her- 1. The Wizard of Oz and 2. Ice Cream. So, yesterday was a family night out, but it was really all about the things Izzy loves. There is an ice cream cafe in MN called Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe'. Since her name is actually Izzy, she got her picture taken to be added to a wall of other Izzy's that have visited there and a FREE ice cream cone. She thought it was GREAT!
She ranked her night like this: 1. Wizard of Oz at the Children's Museum 2. Ice cream @ Izzy's for dinner 3. Being able to lay with her mom at the end of the night and talk.

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