Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Track it! (Smaller Jeans)

It is no secret that I will tell all on this blog about my weight issues. I used this blog as a personal journey a few years back as I battled to lose 60 lbs. I called it project "smaller jeans" or maybe "fat chic" I can't remember at this moment. Anyhow, now that I am doing this triathlon, the ladies I am training with and myself were curious as to how many calories we were burning with all this new exercise regimen we had invited into our lives (it has not been a warm welcome by any means).
One of the ladies recently told me about this FREE Calorie counter website. Many from our tri group joined it, and its really interesting to see how daily activity effects calories during the day. I love that I could never eat enough to eliminate all my daily calories if I work everyday! I've tried to be completely honest with what and how much I am eating and how much I am exercising so I can get a good picture of what I am really doing in a day.
I encourage you, if you are looking to lose weight or are just curious to see what you do (or don't do) in a day, check it out.
As you can see I've added my weigh loss tracker to my blog- WHY, you might ask? For me, it's so humbling and holds me accountable. It also is a goal for me to work towards, and since this blog is all about ME (and my family), I thought it would tie into the whole blog nicely. I am sticking with the "smaller jeans" theme, so that's why you see the ladies back side in jeans.
If you decide to join, let me know, I would love to keep up with your progress and cheer you on! I've come to realize my original weight loss wasn't just about losing baby weight, this was, is and forever will be a life long journey for me. And even though I've successfully made it through most of the journey, the work never stops and I will always have a new goal (like don't pack it all back on). I have 15 lbs I want to lose to be healthy, but you might have 50 lbs or 30 lbs or 100 lbs. Whatever it is, know this- YOU can do it, but only for YOU, and only when YOU really think YOU can. I've learned it's mostly mental, and let me just confess, I have had more mental lapses than I would like lately.
YOU can do it and so can I- so let's do it together!

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