Monday, July 26, 2010

We don't need Dr.'s

Conversation in the car after taking Andrew into the Dr. for a weight check...

Jake: If I made the world, there would never be any shots or drawing blood or any Dr.'s or anything like that.
Izzy: Jake, you need Dr.'s in case you get sick (with a little neck movement and eye roll to make her point). In my world as a Dr. you would get suckers instead of shots. They would have the medicine in them.
Me: Jake, what would someone do if they broke a bone?
Jake: They could just buy a cast-thingy at Target and put it on at home. And buy some crutches, and return them when you are done with them, then get some band-aids there too.
Izzy: Yeah!

Who needs Dr.'s when there is Target!?


  1. yeah, all you REALLY need is Target and Nurses! :)

  2. oh and I get to see you Fri !!!! :) :)



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