Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shut the front door- Andrew is 4!!!

My "baby" is 4 today- I had to stop and think about how strange that sounds before I could go on! FOUR- REALLY, it's been 4 years since I've had a baby, it doesn't seem possible. I haven't fed a bottle to my baby in 3 years, haven't searched high and low for a nuk at all hours of the night in over 2 years, and haven't changed a diaper in over 1 year. But I have watched Andrw grow from an infant into a little preschool-aged boy! I have laughed more times than I can count, and I have also clenched my teeth more times than I would like to admit.
Andrew has more energy than all our other kids did at his age. He is on the go from the minute he wakes in the morning til his head hits the pillow at night. He runs everywhere he goes and usually with a big smile on his face. He loves life and seems to live it to the full of his 4 year old mind and body ability. A lot can be learned from him zest, I just hope I can keep up with him!
Interview with Andrew:
Favorite color- Blue
Favorite food- Sausage pizza
Favorite drink- lemonade
Favorite sport- swimming (this is the kid who HATED all forms of water just a year ago)
Favorite book- The Gruffalo
Favorite character- Thomas & Elmo
Favorite movie- Toy Story (all 3)
Best friend- Jake, Daddy, and Joshy
Favorite thing to do with Daddy- wrestle and get toys at Target
Favorite thing to do with Mommy- Go on Mommy dates, get a special cup and go to the zoo
What do you want to be when you grow up- Play Policeman and work at Target with Daddy
What are you most looking forward to about being 4- Chewing gum and no training wheels

Dear Andrew- Happy Birthday buddy! We love you so much! We can't believe that you are 4 today. You are so funny, energetic, spunky, and independent! We love the way you love your family and your friends. You are always willing and looking for new people to invite to play with you. We love the way you sing and dance when no one is watching, then giggle and fall down when you realize we are watching. You love to follow your daddy around the house when he is home and do whatever he is doing, and you never let anyone tell you that you are too small or too young to do anything, and you are fearless!
Andrew, we pray that as you continue to learn and grow that you will continue to ask questions about Jesus and sing him praises. We pray that you will use your friendly attitude to teach and lead others to Him throughout your life. We pray that you continue to gain weight and height, so your body can continue to be healthy. We pray for your safety- you are a monkey and you are fearless. As much as I love to see you spread your wings and try new things, I worry that someday you will hurt yourself. Love you TyTy- we are so blessed to have the opportunity to raise you as our son! Have a Happy 4th Birthday!!!

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