Thursday, March 24, 2011

My 6 year old's questions about GOD!

I realize I have fallen off the blog-o-sphere. My excuse is, now that I am working all day, and the kids are at school, that's 6 less hours a day that I get to witness and blog the normal and not so normal parts of our life. 

However, tonight I was blown away with the depth of Izzy's questions about God. It all started with her throwing a fit about the aliens with 18 eyes that come out of her walls at night and that she is too scared to sleep in her room, blah, blah, blah. We (Brenton and I) followed this drama by telling her she needed to get some sleep and there were no aliens. She then yelled and cried, "You guys just don't understand me!"

Now, I've read enough parenting articles and books to know that when comments like that are spoken within her type of dramatic mood, that there is usually a deeper issue happening within her, that she doesn't know how to communicate at 6 years old. 

So, I entered her room, ready to perform an "alien attack". I was ready to kill all the aliens when she pointed them out to me (some gimmick I read somewhere), but I was shot down when she explained to me that the aliens only come out when parents are not around. So, I changed my game plan. In the background, she had her "Kids' Worship" CD playing and the song was, Awesome God. We sang it together, prayed about the 'aliens' and then talked about fear.

As I was getting up, her sweet little hand grabbed my arm, and she looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said, "Mommy, why can't I see the Holy Spirit?" 
I gave her an explanation I thought a 6 year old could understand, and then asked if there was anything else she wanted to ask.  I was blown away by the questions and thoughts that came over the next 20 minutes-
Why can't I see God?
Can Satan go into any animal or just a snake?
Who is Satan?
Why doesn't Satan want to be an angel anymore?
What is Hell like? Because I know that Heaven is gold.
What happens when God comes back?
Will the people in hell right now go to heaven when God comes back to get us?
Where are you going when you die?  How do you know?
Why is church called God's house?  Why can't school be His house? 
How do you know which way God wants you to go? 

I answered these questions the best that I could, but I ended by telling her I was so impressed with all her questions.  I asked her if she was feeling frustrated because she had been thinking about all of that, but didn't have the answers?  She so sweetly said yes, then gave me a big hug, laid down, and fell asleep.  She amazes me sometimes for being only 6. 

I pray that God will reveal himself in REAL ways to her and touch her heart.  I know she will build knowledge about Him, but I am most concerned about the knowledge reaching her heart, because that's the part God looks at!

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