Saturday, March 29, 2008

Indoor park

Yesterday it was a balmy 45 degrees. In the sun it was refreshing. Brenton was working the late shift and I was going stir crazy in the house, so I attempted to bring the kids to the park. I was hoping it was dry enough to run around for 20 or so minutes. Looking at the picture of Drew, you can notice the mini lakes at the bottom of each of the slides. Although the kids were still having fun, it was only a matter of minutes until Drew was standing in a ice cold puddle screaming.
Then I remember this little treasure of a spot in Northfield, that I thought would be perfect for a day like this....

This is the inside Menard's in Northfield. It's in their outdoor Garden area, but enclosed by plastic walls, so it's an "indoor park" with the feel of being outside (Only in MN). The kids had a blast. They got to run around on a dry playground. It's a really neat setup. They have all their little play houses set up, the play set, backyard sheds, gazebos, and plenty of benches for parents to rest a little. They also have balls and other toys that the kids like to play with. It felt like we were outside, but we were inside and so many more things to play with. It's an ingenious way to try out the equipment before someone makes the investment. We will be make more stops in the coming days until the ground dries up.


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