Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our reason

I know there are GREAT daycare providers out there. And I know that some people don't have any other options, but this is the exact reason we are anti daycare.


  1. That's like saying the only reason I won't ride in a roller coaster is because 2 people die a year on them.

  2. Chris, thanks for challenging me. I will elaborate. There are many reasons for us not wanting to use in home daycare. But risking out children having to go through this is something we don't want to gamble with. Children that are abused and hurt either or emotional or physically from in home daycares is astonishing. It happens so much more than is actually reported. My mother went to pick up my brother from daycare at a random time one day and found him locked in a bedroom while the woman was drinking. I hated daycare as a child. I would intentionally not get off the bus at daycare because I would rather take the punishment at home than be in a place where kids were bullys and it smelt of urine constantly. While I was a teacher in North Minneapolis, I heard countless testimonies from parents with similar situations. It's not just a one or two time issue, it's everywhere. I get frustrated with my own children day to day, and I love them completely. I can't imagine or even blame the day care providers sometimes for what they have to deal with. This story just happens to be so bad that it's getting the media attention and it reminded me that I hope our children don't ever have to enroll in one. Maybe I am sheltering them, or worrying too much- but people have the best intentions of caring for the children in the right way, but as we all know- we all have our breaking point.

  3. To be a back-up for my friend Shelley who does daycare, I had to go to a SIDS & shaken baby class. In the video that they showed (which was one of the saddest things I have ever seen) it said that daycare is the #1 place for saken baby syndrome to take place. It's really sad. I think that you hit the nail on the head when you said that everyone has their breaking point... many of these daycare providers have 10-12 kids of varying ages. That is a lot to take on day in and day out.


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