Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's the point

I tried to be a "good" mom tonight and I made the kids some Chicken, stuffing, and cream corn. The only response I got was- "Yuk, this is disgusting." After several attempts and bribes I gave up. Selfishly, I made the chicken so I could make a salad for myself, but I figured they could all benefit from it. Jake even walked over to the garbage to spit the chicken out claiming, 'It's too chewy".

Usually, I would say then you get nothing to eat for the night, but since I my children are on the light/ skinny path I caved and made PB & J. I could have saved myself a lot of mess and time had I just made that and made my chicken for me. Jake had 2 sandwiches-AAAHH!
I miss the early toddler years when they would devour anything!

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  1. um, what are these "early toddler years" you speak of? i have had no experience with these. ethan used to have a short list of foods he would eat and now it has gotten shorter than i ever could imagine. olivia will eat pretty much anything but lately she has started turning her nose at anything except green beans. does it really start at 10 months? yikes, i'm in trouble. chicken and stuffing sounds really tasty!!!


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