Friday, April 18, 2008

Andrew's first bath!

Andrew is 19.5 months old, and this week he took his first bath! Before you call child protection on me, what I mean is that this is the first bath that he didn't scream and claw to get out like a dog getting a bath. For whatever reason, we will probably never know, Andrew hated the bath and any type of water, so any time it was bath time it was a wrestling match starting from birth. As of lately, he has been more interested in watching Jacob and Isabelle in the bath, still never wanting to go in, but he wanted to watch them. Then last week we were having a wrestling match and Scuba Steve (Brenton) stepped in and sat in the bath with him. If Brenton moved or twitched he would freak out, but slowly you could see his body relax and he started splashing around. Then this week we decided to put him in with Izzy to see if he would play with her. He screamed for only bit, but we all sat next to him, cheering him on and distracting him with toys to play with. With in 10 minutes he was having a ball! YEA! He stayed in a played at least 30 minutes, and he wanted to stay in longer. Every time I would ask him, "Andrew are you ready to get out?" He would reply, "No...bath!"


  1. Yea for Andrew! And congratulations to you too, for being creative and persistent and patient!!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope he keeps this up, because it will be a great nighttime change of pace while I am there!

  3. congrats Andrew!! baths are fun, huh??


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