Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Redeeming themselves

After a couple of really not fun trips to the dentist, one entailing a root canal I have had this really bad taste in my mouth about going back (bad pun). About 6 months back, the tooth I had the root canal on started chipping and leaving sharp edges on my tooth, causing me to make little cuts on them tongue. Finally, I decided to get it fixed, but I was walking in white knuckled, ready to pee my pants, willing to say, just pull the tooth out, so I don't have to deal with getting a crown on it and another cavity filled or for that matter ever coming back.

There is a dentist in Northfield called, Serenity Dental Arts. I had to laugh at the name of the place at first, thinking- there is no such thing as Serenity at the dentist. However, today they got a little piece of trust and appreciation from me. When I got there, the really nice assistant greeted me and offered me a warm neck pillow to have til the dentist came in. Then, as I expressed my fears and phobias of the dentist, she reasurred me with a smile and then offered some nitrous oxide (I think) and said it would help me relax and take the edge off. Before she could the word off out of her mouth, I said YES, I want that, a lot of that! She then told me I could pick out a movie to watch during my 2 hour procedure. I chose The Devil Wears Prada.
I have to say, it really was a relaxing time and before I knew it- it was all done. The movie watching was a HUGE help. Watching the movie with headphones and being able to control the volume was key because I tunned out the drills and other horrible tool sounds, and just enjoyed the movie with my mouth wide open.

So, I believe that I will be able to return to the dentist with less fear now, because I know that it will be more relaxing. Next time, I will be asking for some time in their free message chair!


  1. Every dentist should be like this. Maybe then I wouldn't get flu-like symptoms for the 24 hours preceeding my appt!! But a 2 hour appointment?!? It didn't even take that long for them to pull all of my wisdom teeth!

    p.s. I laughed so hard when I read your card!! Funny thing is that I have a card here that I picked out for you about a month ago and just keep forgetting to send it. I'll need to get on top of that!!

  2. I hate going to the dentist too!!! I had a cavity filled a couple months ago and I felt like a little kid again. Now I have to get a crown and don't want to go back!!!!

  3. sounds as fabulous as a dentist could be! What's their number? ? ?


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